Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you-CrossWave Peru 2013

Hello everyone,

First, let me tell you all how appreciative I am of everyone who has either called me, told me in person, Facebook me, and so forth, thanking me for the Peru updates. It was a privilege and I absolutely enjoyed doing it. Again, thank you for the opportunity to provide you all with such amazing updates and just to read about what God had done in the lives of the team and also those lives that were touched in Peru.

Second, I want to thank Bill King for the consistent communication, as the team moved from one location to another, or from one event to the next. I could have not provided such detailed updates without his great communication skills. Thank you. I wanted to go to Peru so badly this year (just as any other year), but I knew that God had a plan and I just needed to listen and obey. After Jana Jenkins, our beloved Crosswave administrator, passed away, God reassured me that there is always a reason for everything. I am glad that we stayed as a family to confront such hard times for us and Crosswave. God needed us this summer in Raleigh.

Lastly, this group will remain open and the posts will probably slow down, but I do hope that you come back and visit it as much as possible just to get a reminder of what a wonderful trip the CrossWave team took on the summer of 2013. Read about the miracles that God did in the lives of many Peruvians and all of our temmates. Who knows what’s ahead for Christina Short Salinas, Carleigh, and I, but I am excited and looking forward to next year. Hey! I might have the opportunity to provide these updates live from Peru! Only God knows.

Until next time!

Carlos Raul Salinas

Monday, June 24, 2013

RDU update

The team has landed safely at RDU!

Flight to RDU-Update!

Good morning everyone,

Their flight to RDU is finally in the air! ETA 12:45 p.m. at RDU.

Keep praying!

Carlos Raul Salinas

Update on flight to RDU-Delayed

Good morning everyone,

Their flight to RDU is currently delayed. ETA now shows 12:28 p.m at RDU. Plane has not left yet.

I'll provide another update soon...

Carlos Raul Salinas

Coming home-Update! Arrived in Miami

Good morning everyone,

The team has safely landed in Miami, FL! 

Next flight to RDU to leave around 10:10 a.m. EST.

Keep praying!

Carlos Raul Salinas 

Coming home-update!

Good morning everyone,

The team's flight to Miami has officially departed from Lima, Peru.

Please pray for strength and grace as they travel, and for God to be honored for all that He has done!

Carlos Raul Salinas

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick agenda for today Sunday, June 23, and Monday June 24 2013

Good morning everyone,

Countdown: 1 day left until their arrival back home!

Today the team will have breakfast at the hotel and then head off to the church with all their luggage ready to go back to the U.S. They will attend the Sunday service at the church and also have lunch there.

They will have a team debrief followed by a team celebration service where they will have the chance to celebrate and thank everyone from both Peru and the U.S. who made this trip a wonderful experience. It will be a time of prayer and reflection and just being thankful to the Lord for the wonders that He has done for the past two weeks.

Then in the evening they will have dinner at the church and just get some last logistic details ready before heading off to the airport.

Their flights:

Lima-Miami American Airlines 918.

Miami-Raleigh-Durham American Airlines 1004.

Arrival at RDU: 12:10 p.m.

Please pray for safety as they have two long flights home. God is marvelous and we are all thankful for everything He has done!

Thank you all

Carlos Raul Salinas